Camp Olowalu offers four affordable camping experiences: 35 campsites, 21 Tentalows, in your own vehicle, or with your group in our 6 cabins. You are clearly an adventure seeker and will enjoy Hawaii’s climate, vegetation and surrounding ocean. Experience the peaceful yet invigorating adventures of seasonal whale watching, snorkeling, and kayaking right off our beachfront property or venture out to explore Maui’s tropical beauty.

Originally established in 1955 as Camp PECUSA (Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States), the sugar plantation carved out this beachfront location and set it aside for the needs of the community. Operated by the Church, it was utilized for retreats and became a gathering place for many groups and individuals (locally and from around the globe) who, over the years, continually find their way back to this special place. In 1998, Olowalu Elua Associates (OEA) purchased 700 acres of the former sugar operations and dedicated to restoring, enhancing and protecting the areas in which the Camp resides.

We have made a commitment to continue the campground operations as a group retreat facility and camp related activities for visitors and our community. In 2006, it adopted its new name – Camp Olowalu. In 2015, the first phase of a new camping era was introduced: above ground Tentalows with modern facilities surrounded by the resurgence of hundreds of fruit trees and native plantings.