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Camp Olowalu + Kipuka Olowalu

10% off your stay when you volunteer with Kipuka Olowalu. Just a short drive from Camp Olowalu and you will arrive at Kipuka Olowalu (The Olowalu Cultural Reserve) located in the breath taking Olowalu Valley. Through volunteer work and education, you and your group will embark on a day of discovery at one of the largest cultural sites on Maui. Immerse in the rich culture, history, and values of Hawai’i through restoration work while finding a deeper connection to nature.


Open to all guests at Camp Olowalu.
Please show your volunteer confirmation email to a staff member at Camp Olowalu and a 10% discount will be applied to your reservation.
Wednesday & Thursday, 7:30am—12pm
Group days available Monday—Friday, must contact Makayla.


What will you be doing?
Have fun, learn lots, get dirty, and open your mind new experiences.

  • Planting native plants and learning about the importance and uses of the plants that are around us.
  • Invasive species removal along a riparian corridor.
  • Cultural Science and History walk & talk.
  • Lo’i restoration.
  • Learning about the importance of freshwater flow and connectivity to the ocean.


Participant Outcomes:

  • Reconnect our spirit to the ‘aina.
  • Learn about the Ahupua’a system within a Wahi Pana (storied place).
  • Create/Strengthen cultural foundation using site specific, placed based education.
  • Practice Hawaiian Cultural Values through ‘aina based education.
  • Have Fun!

To sign up:

“I suspect that all indigenous cultures have conservation woven into their lifestyles and worldviews, because there is an implicit understanding in all indigenous cultures that we must rely on nature in order to survive. We don’t look at nature as something to conquer, but as something to protect, and live in balance with.”
– Ekolu Lindsey